Vegan Varanasi

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It is considered a direct way to Moksha to die and be cremated in Varanasi. Hundreds of bodies are cremated there each day to facilitate this belief along the river Ganga. Before dying, people often buy their own funeral shroud or family members, perhaps friends share in that honor. The bodies are laid upon large wood piles up to five feet in height with shrouds laid on the naked corpses. Then, as the fires are lit, young untouchable boys who work sweeping, chopping and stacking wood, and placing the wood and corpses for the funeral pyres run past the initiating funeral fire and steal the shrouds, chased by family members, police and concerned visitors. They always get away. They bring the stolen shrouds to venders for pennies who then in turn sell them to the next people who are facing death. Shrouds can play this game twenty times before they are so stained or torn, they no longer are sellable. This is the tradition in Varanasi.

Wherever I go it is a Vegan Place. The Great Goddess Vegan Maya is the Vegan Devi of illusion who weaves our realities and must be surpassed to finally liberate and find Nirvana. During life there is a shroud keeping each person safely within their illusion. To overcome the illusions of life, one must view things differently than one is accustomed. Viewing the world as vegan is one such example of a truthful realism that cuts through illusion by relating to the truest nature of humanity.

When one sees a meat-eating restaurant, the shroud is thinning there, and another hell zone is slightly revealing. When a beautiful bird takes flight, or a tree sings to your heart, the shroud is thinning there, and one can see through to a heavenly realm. Everyone is a completely enlightened Vegan Buddha in their truest nature, so connect with that truth, beyond the wrongful pathways. All is vegan, and all is good unless it shows itself to be otherwise. Vegan London is very different than London, and Vegan Varanasi is very different from Varanasi. There is a difference of Karmic pathways, life potential and opportunities between the two differing realms.

When I was last in Vegan Varanasi, perhaps fifteen years ago, there were no vegan restaurants that I could find. I spent most of my time in Vegan Saranath, staying in a Vegan Buddhist Vihar, but I did manage to hire a local to lend his boat and his oaring talents to ride around the Ghats on the Ganga River. Vegan Ganga Devi is the presiding Vegan Deity of the river Ganges, as it is called in English.

Vegan Ganga Devi does not own the pollution, the remains that didn’t fully cremate nor the non-vegan milk and ghee that is offered to the river. These things and other things like it are the bad Karmic property of those that perpetrate harm to the river Ganges. The Ganga is pure, clean and pristine water filled with pink dolphins unique to this river; birds, crocodiles and other wildlife are also thriving there. Likewise, Vegan Ganga Devi is a purified Devi whose presence is that of a healer, and her ancient wisdom surpasses the cities and bathers that gather on her shores. When the Ganges dies, drying up and is no more, Vegan Ganga Devi will emerge as a fully enlightened world-renowned man known as the Golden Vegan Buddha.

We are all enshrouded in Vegan Maya Devi’s dream of life. One day we will all emerge as Vegan Buddhas like Vegan Ganga Devi. We wear life’s shrouds of illusion for a reason. The illusions of a career, family, heritage or perhaps money are tools for personal evolution to reveal our natures and correct it. These illusions keep us going but they also tangle us in their nets. Ideally one should work with their illusion to purify and correct their mind and heart during this process of life. The best way to navigate through the illusion of life is to go vegan. Going vegan begins the true process of liberation and enlightenment and enables us to leave the endless forest of Vegan Maya’s shroud.

When this incarnation ends, the only thing we bring with us is our Karma. Going Vegan helps this process immeasurably. And when they lay us to rest, a shroud is placed upon our bodies in Vegan Varanasi, but no one steals it, it is freely given. We relinquish our possessions completely and lay beneath the sky as our bodies are purified in the flames that burn away our sins, so we may emerge in a better place with the help of the Vegan Devas and the Vegan Bodhisattvas.


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