Vegan Religion

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Why should we have vegan Buddhism, Vegan Hinduism and Vegan Jain Dharma, either in a synthesized format as a singular relgio-philosophical system or as individuated constructs? The reason is simple. When people go vegan for many years, it is very clear and evident that all the major religions involve carnivorous cultural patterns, ova-lactarian traditions or lactarian practices. Because of this, most vegans go atheist which may be a rational choice, but it means that both the religious communities and the secular communities lose the most purified, clear minded, correct life style practitioners and the vegans lose their spiritual devotional practices.

The reason why spiritual devotional practices matters is that to tie one’s vegan diet and vegan lifestyle to a larger spiritual cosmology and struggle brings purpose and divinity into one’s life. Without any divinity, one can choose to quite their vegan practice because there is no longer a larger sense of responsibility to a bigger life force than one’s own ego. With a vegan spiritual practice, one’s choice of being vegan is part of a larger quest that produces a far greater yield in one’s life especially in ethics, meditation, cultural affiliation, heritage, and the arts.

To reconstruct ova-lactarian and lactarian practices along vegan lines is far easier than to reconstruct animal sacrificing, hunting and gathering cosmologies of tribal religions or of Abrahamic traditions. Although these religions, especially Christianity and Judaism, do hold keys of veganism hidden in their scriptures, many ova-lactarian and lactarian traditions also have vegan mysteries locked in their belief systems. Unlocking the vegan truth hidden within religions liberates those that are practicing their religions incorrectly and gives haven to the vegans who are, from a consumer and dietary level, purer than those that practice their religions incorrectly permitting animal products to be consumed against their fundamental faith.

Reconstructed vegan religions also rids the world of racio-ethnic and racio-linguistic divisionism. Catholics are divided by Polish Catholics, Irish Catholics, Italian Catholics, Mexican Catholics, Asian Catholics etc. Also, Buddhists are divided by Tibetan Buddhists, Chinese Buddhists, Japanese Buddhists, Thai Buddhists, Sri Lankan Buddhists, Korean Buddhists etc. Hindus are divided by Telugu Hindus, Gujarati Hindus, Nepali Hindus, Tamil Hindus, Bengali Hindus, Punjabi Hindus, etc. If the only criteria concerns whether a person is vegan or not, the ethnic exclusionism and xenophobia leaves with its racism and cultural bias. This then turns religion into a merit based cultural phenomenon, ending racial purity ethics which so often leads to wars and genocide.

Vegans need to redefine the entire religious arena to suit their purified view. New traditions, practices, beliefs, scriptural interpretations, ceremonies, language usage, music, aesthetics, etc. must arise as a new spiritual awakening embraces humanity. Vegans need to end all animal sacrificing, all carnivorous religious meals, all carnivorous ceremonies etc. and the vegans need to replace these with actual spiritual practices that revere life, creation and the divine cosmology of their religious culture. Vegans are the true religious leaders, the true spiritual leaders, and the true cultural leaders of our planet. Vegans must accept this responsibility and build a better world.


Vegan Manjushri

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“But, ballet is my life. I have dancing ballet since I was seven years old. I came to New York City to try out for the American Ballet Theater. What do you mean I can’t dance anymore? I don’t know if I should cry or what. Please explain it to me one more time. I think I am in shock. What did you say?”

“I have been practicing medicine longer than you have been alive, let alone practicing ballet. According to your tests, you can dance for a few more months, but if you do, you risk permanent long-term damage. Look, ballet is beautiful, I love ballet and I am sure you have learned a lot through ballet, and I am also sure you are good at it, but it is a very unnatural thing to do to your body. Not everyone can do ballet. In your case it is your joints, for another it might be their back or their shins or their feet. Ballet is a selection process, not just for the best dancers, but those whose health permits that type of physical abuse. You do know that most professional dancers can only perform for between ten and twenty years. Then they teach. It is just too hard on the human body. Occasionally a person rises in ballet that can dance longer, but that is the exception. It just ended for you a little earlier than for most. You can waltz or do the two step, just not the complicated twists, leaps and turns of ballet.”

At the bus stop crying, she notices the man seated next to her looks like he is wearing religious robes that are red. He is counting beads in one hand while he whispers softly. Between the welling sorrow, she listens to his calming whispers. All she can understand in the foreign language is “Dhi, dhi, dhi.” The bus arrives. She is glad he sat next to her. His calming prayer kept her from being embarrassed with her sorrow.

She gets off the bus at a park near her house. She thought a short walk through the park would help. There is a small group of people dancing in the corner of the park with some drums. She laughs and goes over to watch. It seems to help her stress to laugh. Their arms are in the air out of sync with each other, the drum rhythm is off, the singers are off key and yet it is perfect. If any part of it was fixed, the whole thing would fall apart. She is caught smiling by a devotee who introduces himself.

“Hi, do you want to dance?”

“Not right now. What are they doing? It looks so foreign and yet familiar.”

“We are Krishna devotees.”

“And you dance?”

“Yes, we dance and sing to relate to the supreme bliss of God. Here is an invitation, it is just a flyer, to join us tonight for dancing at the temple with a free meal and a free class. We would love to meet you and explain more.”


She accepts the flyer and walks home. She has a tragic phone call with her parents who want her to come home immediately, but she signed a six-month lease and has eight more weeks. She calls her two ballet friends and tells them that she will not be trying out, and they cry together about the injustice of life. She looks at the clock and the invitation as she wipes her tears with a Kleenex and decides to go to the temple to calm herself down and to meet new people.

“So, what brings you top our temple?”

“I love to dance, and someone told me you pray through dance.”

“We do.”

“I did ballet, but I am looking for something a little slower and easier.”

Another devotee hears the conversation and she says, “What were your ballet shoes made of?”


“It isn’t really leather. The word leather makes it sound nice, but really, its animal skin. Here we dance barefoot. It is less harmful to animals.”

“I never thought about that before.”

“We eat vegetarian as a way of respecting creation and God. Are you a vegetarian?”

“Not exactly.”

“Try the food tonight and see how you like it. It might just be the right thing for you.”

She stays for the food and the class and above all else she loves dancing in the temple. It was really a sweet time and afterwards, she accepts a free book and leaves. Now she has a place the doctor could not complain about where she can dance. When she gets to her flat, she looks up vegetarianism on her phone and likes what she reads. She sees an add for Yoga and connects the dots that Yoga, like the temple are from India.

The next day she goes to a Yoga studio nearby and pays the five-dollar day fee and tries it out. Yoga is a natural fit. Even one of the girls there asks her if she is an instructor. Years of dance trained her perfectly for Yoga, and she loves the stretching, it felt great. There is a big sign to join a teacher’s certification program. As she reads it another woman who also is interested stands next to her and reads the sign with her. They see each other reading the same sign and ask each other what they think. After a short conversation, she finds out that all she must do is put the word vegetarian in the search engine for Google Maps and she can eat the temple style vegetarian food anytime.

Eight weeks later, she is the happiest lady in NYC. She is involved in the certification program to be a Yoga teacher, she dances at the temple at least twice a week and chants there too, she goes out with friends to local vegan and vegetarian restaurants, goes to Hindu, Buddhist and Jain lectures and museum exhibits and is quickly reincarnating into a creative, dynamic, interesting personality. She found a job as a waitress at a health food store that serves sandwiches and juices, and her family is happy that she is well.

She thinks about the monk who chanted the words “Dhi, dhi, dhi,” and looks it up on her phone to see what he was chanting. It is the Mantra of Vegan Manjushri Bodhisattva. From that day forward, she devotes a part of her month involved in Vegan Manjushri meditation, reading books about Vegan Manjushri or doing what she calls Vegan Manjushri Karma Yoga; volunteering to help cook at the Vegan Tibetan Temple she found. Her life is filled with knowledge, the divine, friends and wisdom thanks to Vegan Manjushri who saved her from a crashing day in her wonderful life.

Vegan Samantabhadra

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FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, DHS, IRS, and local authority representatives are all meeting in the DHS security briefing theater. They have a target and they are waiting for warrants to be issued. This is by far the biggest inter-departmental security cooperative yet enacted by law authorities. On the big screen in the amphitheater are multiple video feeds from surveillance videos all focusing on one man and his alleged movement.

“Ladies and gentlemen of multiple agencies, thank you for your attendance. I will keep this brief. As you know we have been investigating one Sam Bhadra born in NYC. He began as a lone protestor for animal rights, anti-death penalty and pro-vegan rights advocacy. Here he is by himself carrying a sign in his youth. If you look closely, maybe we can zoom in on the sign a little bit, right there, that’s good, you can see a number 9 in the lower right-hand corner of every sign he uses at protests. As time passed, his movement began to grow. About two years later, here he is again at the same type of protests, this one outside a meat packing company, and as you see he has four or five others with him. This time they have written ‘9th Rule’ in the lower right-hand corner of their placards. As numbers in their movement grew, the signs evolved into well produced, professional looking signs they manufactured at a copy store, and in the right-hand corner the protesters now have the signature mark ‘9th aspiration.’”

“How many followers did he need to determine the change of logo?” asks an ATF agent with his hand in the air.

“That is a good question. He was by himself as we know with the number ‘9’ as his logo. ‘9th Rule’ was used from 5 followers to 50 followers. ‘9th Aspiration’ has been employed for a following of 50 to 500 followers. And now he has a national following estimated in the tens of thousands and his logo is ‘9th Law.’”

“Do we know what the hell this 9th thing is?” calls out an FBI agent as the CIA agents looked down and perk up their ears.

“We are not certain at this time. There is no literature available and our moles in their movement have made no progress on this issue. It is, however, known as a secret among his closest followers.”

“Sorry to interrupt gentlemen, but here are the warrants. Let’s go get this agitator.” Says a woman who entered through the swinging doors near the stage and places a pile of papers on the lectern. Everyone rushes up to get their warrant.

“We all know what to do. No one acts until all agencies are present and the local police have surrounded the property. Let’s go.”

The humble two-bedroom house is simple, with only a small lawn in front. One hundred SUVs, police cars, black sedans and criminal transport vans descend on the property. There are choppers above circling, but the press has not yet arrived. Police encircle the property and snipers are in position. The SWAT team is ready, and bullhorns are in hand.

“Sam Bhadra, we know you are in there, come out, this is the Sherriff, we would like to have a chat with you.”

Dead silence overthrows the entire authority apparatus.

“Maybe we should call in the marines?” an agent jests.

There is a knock at the door. No answer. Pressure rises, and the tension gets so thick, you could put a glaze on it and sell it as doughnuts to the cops outside with their pistols in hand. The dogs are brought out, following a battering ram to burst open the front door. The SWAT team lifts their shields as the battering ram is heaved forward and pushes the front door open with a huge thrust. Agents enter with guns outstretched.



They go into the remaining bedroom and there is Sam Bhadra sitting in lotus position meditating on the floor. Behind him are a few protest signs like the ones that are leaning on walls throughout the house. Sam Bhadra does not move, he does not budge an inch and continues his meditation. Surrounding him are at least twenty agents crammed in the tiny bedroom with guns aimed at him.

“Release the attack dogs.”

Three Pitbull attack dogs are released from their restraints and lunge forward with growling mouths open. As they get close enough to kill Mr. Bhadra, they bow their heads and sit beside him peacefully as if they switched sides.

“Fire your guns.”

Twenty revolvers, hand guns and rifles unload all their rounds at Sam who is still silently sitting on the floor meditating peacefully in his own home. Halfway to their target, the bullets all turn into flowers. Sam is now surrounded by dogs that are devoted to him, flooded with fresh flower cuttings on his lap and before him on the floor.

“What are we going to do now?” asks a cop.

“Let’s see if we can lift him.”

Suddenly Sam Bhadra opens his eyes, stretches his legs and awakens from his meditation.

“Can I help you? Are you here to join the protest next week?” Sam asks.

“Sam Bhadra, we are arresting you for high crimes against the United States of America.”

“What law did I break?”

“We are not sure, but we will find one.”

The police try to put handcuffs on him, but they keep falling off. Two officers try to punch his stomach to force him into compliance, but it was like punching the air, their hands could not connect with his body. One agent tries to lift him, but his frail 135-pound body was too heavy. Three men try to budge him to no avail.

“Now what? Are we going to get the judge to come here?” snipes a CIA official.

“Look Sam,” says a female agent, “You obviously have garnered super human Vegan Buddha powers. I understand that. Let’s just cut to the chase, what is the 9th law that you write in the corner of all of your signs?”

Sam answers, “It is the Ninth Vow or Ninth Aspiration of the Vegan Bodhisattva, Vegan Samantabhadra’s Vows. It goes like this:

I vow to always be in harmony with all beings.

Implied is the understanding that one should never cause harm to anyone which necessitates a vegan diet, and, one should offer such beings gifts according to their needs that their lives may grow right.”

“OH, “says the female agent, “If that’s what you are doing, that seems pretty harmless.”

“Yea, that’s alright,” says a few other agents.

“Well, no wonder you support the vegan cause and are pro-animal rights and anti-death penalty. That makes sense.”

“Yea, that makes sense,” responds the alphabet agency men.

“OK boys, let’s get out of here so Mr. Bhadra can continue his meditation. We have other people to pursue, you know, real criminals.”

“Let’s go.”

To the chagrin of the press, the helicopters, the transport vehicles and the small army of men and women leave. Sam goes back to his meditation and lets the excitement fade into nothing.

Vegan Adi-Buddha

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“I am having quite a day. Having been abducted by an alien species who whisked me off to Viakuntha Space station, I thought that things were definitely getting trippy. But then the space station subsumed into an infinite array of points of white light as Vegan Mahavira stood in complete stillness in a field of mind staring at me. Suddenly the entire universe melted, and I was riding a subway. I exited and entered a building. Then I was suddenly on the three hundredth floor of a super large high rise. I walked down the hall and opened a utility closet and this huge palatial corner office appeared. I must ask, since you are the one sitting behind the desk. What am I doing here? Where am I? Who are you?”

“You are Vegan Buddha Guru, the blogger on Word Press?”

“Yes. Where is this office? I don’t care if you wear an expensive suit and tie, I don’t care if this corner office has a view, who are you and why am I here?”

“I am Vegan Adi-Buddha, and I have noticed your blog.”

“Vegan Adi-Buddha? The synthesis of all Vegan Buddhas? The most potent of all Vegan Buddhas? You are not even wearing yellow monastic robes.”

“I wear whatever your consciousness permits for this meeting. My clothes, this office with all of its bookshelves and its modern furnishings, even the view, all the glass, the pictures on the walls and the carpet are selected from your mind.”

“What is this about?”

“I am here to answer all your questions.”



“Alright, let’s test you out with a simple question. Do space aliens run the governments of the world?”

“Reality is a ten-dimensional matrix. In the lower reality vectors, there are more nesting universes and the Karma is darker. There you will find such an existent truth. In the higher dimensional fields, this is not the case, there is only rule by each individual’s higher consciousness.”

“Do space beings dwell in the higher dimensional fields?”

“All beings dwell there as non-consuming purified vegans with light bodies. In the highest realizations, there is no race, gender nor any other differentiating identity demarcations such as your concept of ‘space being.’ The only distinguishing marks of individuals in the higher realms is the individual’s rainbow aura which refracts the light of thought formational energy transmitted from Vegan Rainbow Buddha. This occurs through the third eye of each being in the holographic chamber of the brain’s lateral ventricle where cerebrospinal fluid is produced.”

“You mean there is a holographic chamber in the brain?”

“Yes, the cerebrospinal fluid is produced from the tissue walls of this ventricle fed by glands and filtered by cell walls, and it drains down. The moist tissue walls sustain a gaseous fluid in that chamber which floats weightlessly and deflates upon death, sudden impact or trauma, or when opened, x-rayed or scanned. In this gaseous chamber the optic nerves transmit ideas of vision, not sight, although its information transmission is supplemented by sight, and it is translated as a three-dimensional hologram.”

“O.K. I have another question.”


“Is there life after death or reincarnation or Nirvana?”

“There is no death. This idea of death which is popular among those of the lower to mid realities in the ten-dimensional matrix is just a circle of time spent in concentrated retributive Karma. The concentration of one’s Karmic retribution creates the illusion of a passage to another location. The reality is that by serving the pain of illusory death, a minor purification occurs so one’s circumstance improves temporarily. In fact, there is only life, living and interacting because all is of mind, thought or as you might best understand it, a software communication program. And yes, there is Nirvana, but it is a process and not a state of awareness”

“If life is a program, is there free will or is there only fate?”

“There is no known outcome to any phenomenon.”

“OK, are there Vegan Devas? Do the Vegan Tirthankaras matter? Is the universe Vegan Buddhist?”

“I have been speaking to you in Vegan Buddhist terms because it is something you are familiar with as noted in your name, Vegan Buddha Guru. Like this office and my attire, thought formations are selected by your mind as guided by your consciousness with light from your highest dimension’s participational field. These symbolic beings manifest the higher dimensional field’s truth to the lower fields at critical times. Each one is adept at its own technologies. So, for instance, if ascetic practices offer a Karmic answer to reveal the Vegan Selfless Atman nature, then a Vegan Tirthankara arises. If a space ship and a Vegan Warrior King or Queen is needed, then a Vegan Hindu Deva manifests. If one needs answers that no one can fathom or that lead nowhere or that are so deeply true that they cannot be remembered, then a Vegan Buddha arises. Everything arises from the mind. With the mind one creates and construes the world.”

“Is life an illusion.”

“Yes, but the illusion is very real, and it involves mechanisms of five senses, pain and death to condition reality into its credibility.”

“One last question. How can we make the ten-dimensional matrix of reality a better place with no suffering?”

“All ten dimensions must go vegan and subordinate to the highest dimension and honor the truth of the lowest dimension. One must also meditate, consume vegan medical herbs and retrain one’s mind to be purified with no mental contamination.”

“Well, that answers my questions.”

“Good. I will now press this button and…”

Emptiness pervades; I am returned to my computer. Oh well, I had my moment to find out everything. Now it is time to go out to my garden.

Vegan Dhanvantari

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Vegan Dhanvantari Deva is the great healer who transcends all illness and brings forward the miracle of immortality and perfect health as is actualized by the selfless Atman when all obstacles perish.


Dan’s Fruit Shack is a standard here in Long Beach California. Dan is an interesting man, selling organic fruit smoothies, organic juices and organic vegan bowls to his beloved beach community. He was a doctor, but he got tired of helping people when it was too late, and they had already developed illnesses like cancer. Dan wants to feed the world good organic vegan food to prevent such illnesses from ever happening.

“Mr. Vantari, I have a package for you. Just sign here.”

“I wonder what this is?”

Dan opens the package from India and to his surprise it is a beautiful antique jar. He opens the jar to see if there is anything inside, and he finds that it is full of a very fine white powder. He does not realize it, but he spilled a good spoonful of the powder into his fruit drink he was sipping. He closes the lid of the antique and wonders how such a thing made it through customs without being seized as illegal drugs. He sips his drink and wonders if it is illegal drugs, and then, what should he do? Dan does not do drugs, nor does he drink, smoke nor gamble. Dan meditates and chants, is vegan and practices yoga.

He finishes his juice and notices that his mild arthritis in his fingers has vanished. He looks in the small mirror he hangs over the juice bar for a serious Feng Shui defense against angry dragons that might disrupt his scene, and notices that all his grey hair is gone. Suddenly Dan feels immortal, young and full of energy. He realizes soon that he probably drank some of the powder that must have spilled into his drink.

A girl from India that likes to flirt with Dan rides up on her bicycle with her surfboard with wet hair and asks for a lemonade.

“Well look what the ocean churned up today. High Shri.”

“Hi Dan, you’re looking good today. Be careful, the demons will want to steal your beauty secret.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Well they will have a real tug of war if they do try to steal it.”

“Seriously, did you dye your hair or something? Get a face lift?”

“Not really, nothing special. Say, you are getting a Masters in biochemistry at Long Beach State, right?”

“Sure am.”

“I think I have something to show you.”

He opens the box with the antique container and tells her what he thinks may have happened.

“And you do not know who sent it?”

“Not at all.”

“Well I can bring a spoonful into the lab and see what it is, but I make no promises.”

“That would be great.”

She gets a spoonful in a to go cup with a lid and rides off after drinking her lemonade and flirting a little bit more. Dan puts the jar of white powder on a high shelf in his office and forgets about it until a week later when Shri returns for another lemonade.

“I checked out that powder for you.”

“Oh right. I forgot about it; I have been so busy playing sports, redecorating, learning French and running the Juice Shack. What did you find?”

“It’s not drugs.”

“Thank God.”

“But it is weird stuff. It floats, like it is immune to gravity. I did some research and the closest thing I can find that has this chemical constituency and possible molecular structure is monatomic gold. This monatomic gold that you have, however, well I know it sounds strange, but, it may be from a different dimension.”


“I have a friend at the physics lab looking into it. Also, I did taste it to see if it has any flavonoids once I determined it was safe. I have never flown through my studies so fast before. It is like I am younger, stronger and smarter or something.”

“That is what happened to me.”

The two talked for ten minutes and then decided to go for a swim in the ocean because they are brimming with so much energy. They go past the beakers and then swim parallel to the coast. When they get out of the water, they are no longer in Long Beach. They swam all the way to Sunset Beach.

“I am going to heal every person of every disease with this powder once you figure out how to make more of it.”

“What a great idea.”

And with this great idea, the heavens opened with beams of light through the clouds. A space ship soon appeared above the two, and they disappeared instantaneously, abducted by universal destiny. At that exact moment the jar in his office with the white powder also disappeared. From simple words showing a desire to help others these two humble, hardworking, educated people were somehow selected to ascend into a new dimension of reality.

At first, they looked down upon the world in a superlative and exhilarating illusion of a rising space craft until this illusion yielded its dualism. Then, there was just space and ascension. Eventually the realization that there is nothing to realize and nowhere to go dismantled the illusion of space travel, so this range of experience extinguished its self-nature.

They then returned to the beach, having never left the beach, unchanged and yet not whom they were before. They had gone nowhere and yet everywhere moved through them as dimensions collapsed into the futility of illusory insubstantiality; but they felt something and it seemed like a ride on Vegan God’s space ship.

There is no real jar, no real space ship and no real white powder, only emptiness and love, yet these illusions provided a stimulus to reach compassion which revealed a curative experience. That cure reached the seriously ill and provided nothing because the illness and the ones who own illness do not exist. In this manner all are cured by relinquishing what never existed; universal compassion awakens selflessness which heals all.


“I would like to buy that Dhanvantari statue,” says the shopper at the Hindu statue store, “How much is it?”

“That is two hundred and Eighty-five dollars,” says the elderly woman behind the counter.

“Don’t you think that price is a little high for this statue?”

“I will not accept a penny less for it,” says the smug, cancer ridden, multi-millionaire Gujarati store owner, “I could give it away to a graduating medical student instead. I should charge you for talking to me.”

How can one buy an experience of Vegan Dhanvantari from the ill? From those that do not have the cure? From those that do not practice any therapy? From those lost in Samsara during Kali Yuga who will only sell you an image of it at a high price?


The universe understands the source of illness, and the cure, and the reason for this dualistic illusion. It is in fact Karma from ignorance, anger and greed that perpetuates this circle of suffering. Eating meat is to ignore the suffering of animals and so it is ignorant and thus causes illness in one’s self and others. The anger that causes alcoholic drinking also causes disease in one’s self and others. Greed also causes illness in one’s self and others, driving one insatiably.


The statue of Dhanvatari is just metal poured in a certain shape; it is just form. The same can be said of the space ship. The same can be said of the ancient jar of Amrita powder. The same can be said of the Juice Shack and the two ocean swimmers. The same is true of illness.


True healing occurs, releasing from disease, leaving nothing of cause and effect’s illusion imprinted into temporal reality such that desire rooted in illness and attachment rooted in disease cease as do all illusions. The therapy is to relinquish all ignorance, anger and greed; begin by going Vegan, continue through meditation and complete by releasing. Illness is a response to suffering. Suffering is a function of Karma. Karma is perpetuated by ignorance, anger and greed.


They ride a bus back to the Juice Shack and can not explain what just happened nor what is happening. Healing the world is complicated and involves an open mind. Dan says to Shri,

“wouldn’t it be nice to have a space ship. We could be home by now.”


Vegan Maya

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Everyone is an illusion and chases illusions, frequently at the expense of others whom also are illusions. Because everyone’s victims are illusions, even the flesh that is eaten, everyone thinks that it can continue this way with a clear conscience which is also an illusion. One day the Vegan Goddess of Illusions, Vegan Maya, will bring us all to the edge of clear, true reality and the illusions of the past will shatter as we face what we are and what we have done. And no, that will not be an illusion. Then Vegan Maya’s work will be done. At this moment, facing the shocking truth of our delusion, we will search out a new illusion that comforts us. This is why so many are trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. Reincarnation is Vegan Maya’s real estate.

“Well, your credit rating is fine, and you seem like a nice person so if you want to rent this house, it is yours.”

“Thank you. Renting is so impermanent.”

“What is permanent?”

“And this is a four bedroom?”

“Yes. The way I look at it, you have four places for your spiritual counselors to dwell.”

“Hmmm. Alright, I’ll do it. It is so much nicer than what I am leaving behind.”

“Those dirty dishes will follow you here, mark my words.”

“I am sure you are right. Do you have the lease with you?”

“I sure do. You can use the kitchen counter to sign. I like this house, it needs some new life in it.”

Vegan Temples

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“Hey, stop clowning around. You guys keep tossing those five-ton boulders around like a volleyball, and someone’s going to crack a helmet or break an air tube and die. So, knock it off.”

Four men in the desert landscape of the Moon are on duty to build rock piles for a small building project. Space has been explored by many governments, and now, corporations and philanthropists are funding and operating expeditions. These men are part of a larger construction contingency that is being funded by the Chana Bean Conglomerate of India to build the Moon’s first Vegan Hindu Temple.

“OK, go in that direction and fill the pallets with boulders.”

The men leave with pallets that have large wheels. They are gone for about fifteen minutes. They come running back to the crew chief yelling,

“Over there, over there. There are buildings,” they call out as they run up to their boss.

“That’s impossible,” says the crew chief, “We have detailed satellite imaging of this region. The only buildings are in the other direction where the million-year-old abandoned high rises, the dolphin statue and the plazas are. There are no lunar buildings in the direction I sent you.”

“Yes, there are boss, and they are old, real old. You’re going to have to call in for an interplanetary space archaeologist.”

“Just what we need, more ancient buildings on the Moon. Alright, bring me there and let’s have a look at them.”

The crew and the project boss start crossing the landscape in their space suits. Because of zero gravity, they skip and bounce there quickly, heading towards their goal, unlike the prior wandering search for stones. They pass over a final crater dune and there it is, an ancient stone building with statues and a courtyard.

“How could we miss this place with satellite recon?” wonders the boss.

Upon closer inspection of the statues, it becomes crystal clear exactly what they are looking at.

“Oh brother, it is an ancient Vegan Hindu Temple. What the heck are we going to do? The Chana Bean Company will defund us. The whole point of coming up here was to build the Moon’s first Vegan Hindu Temple. Now what?” rattles the boss.

“Look at this,” remarks a worker with astonishment who had walked around the corner of the building, “I think they fused Vegan Hinduism with Vegan Buddhism and Vegan Jain Dharma. Come over here. There is a carving of Vegan Buddha with Vegan Shiva and Vegan Mahavira together, and there is more.”

The men go around the corner and together say a collective, “Whoa.”

“Well if they had these beliefs fused, and from this mural over here, they brought this unified religion to Earth originally, then how did we screw it up so badly?” asks a worker.

“Need you ask?” says the boss.

“Over there is the main shrine building. Anyone brave enough to go in?”

All four men approach the building. They want a look but do so very cautiously. The door is part open and with a small pull, it easily opens it all the way. They walk into the main building in utter astonishment.

“Shhh. Just pretend we fit in,” whispers one of the workers to the other three.

The temple is filled with about one hundred worshipers who are singing the most unusual other worldly music. There are Vegan Hindu, Vegan Buddhist and Vegan Jain statues lit with the most dramatic and unusual lighting. The place is full of marble and gold and the overall impact the men felt walking into the ceremony made them want to drop to their knees.

“Relax, it’s just a hologram,” calls out the foreman as he presses a button and it all evaporates into oblivion leaving an empty stone room behind.

“Wow, that was really touching. It had so much feeling, it was really spiritual.”

“I didn’t know ‘Greys’ could sing like that.”

“Yea, yea, yea,” says the boss, “I’m real touched. Now I have to satellite call the president of Chana Beans and tell him he has been topped by a bunch of ‘Greys.’ I am sure he will be touched too. I hope there is enough funding for food tonight after he lunges at me on the phone.”

“Hello, is this the president of Chana Beans? Yes, yes, no, yes no; well I do have something to report. Yes, no, yes; there already is a Vegan Hindu Temple here. It must be millions of years old. It seems to be a hybrid of Vegan Hinduism, Vegan Buddhism and Vegan Jain Dharma that was used by the Greys. Yes, no, no, yes; really? Alright then, you are the boss,” he hangs up the phone.

“He wants us to investigate this temple more and make photos. He is not mad at all, in fact he is thrilled. He seems to think this may be an important cultural contribution for his charity. Photos and note taking sure is a lot easier than building a temple, so I am for it.”

“Boss, why are you so filled with skepticism about this wonderful religion we discovered?”

“It’s not that I am skeptical about it, but I was brought up thinking that Vegan Hinduism, Vegan Buddhism and Vegan Jain Dharma are ways of life and no temple nor any ceremony changes a thing.”

“I’ve heard of people like you. Do you meditate?”

“Everyone meditates. Look, I understand why you love the statues and stuff. I just always felt it was more in the mind and less in a Temple, that’s all.”

The work crew agrees that the boss makes a valid point as they rummage through a timeless vault, this temple of interstellar wisdom. One of the men finds some crystal books the ancient ‘Greys’ were famous for, and there are a few other items to bring back to Earth, but nothing too exciting. So, the men decide to run the hologram for entertainment. It is a very touching view into a timeless, heart reaching practice that makes them all well up in tears.

Once the hologram is over, the men agree that they are uncovering something very special and it needs to be understood by everyone back on Earth. There is some great truth in what the ancient ‘Grey’ believers construed from the same religious texts that humans fight over to their demise. The reuniting of these three great philosophies into a new Vegan Religion is just what the people on Earth need in order to start again with the right footing and to begin a new chapter of life in peace.